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    Artikel: How to replace the battery of an Apple Watch?

    How to replace the battery of an Apple Watch?-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

    How to replace the battery of an Apple Watch?


    The Apple Watch is an impressive piece of technology that many people use on a daily basis. But what happens when the battery becomes weak or swollen? In this article, we will show you how to safely replace the battery of your Apple Watch.

    Important Notes

    Please note that replacing the battery of your Apple Watch requires a certain level of technical skill. It is important to carefully follow the instructions and take appropriate precautions, especially if the battery is swollen.

    Step 1: Preparation

    Before you begin the repair, remove the watch from the charger and turn it off. If the touchscreen is damaged and the watch cannot be turned off, you can use an alternative method to turn off the watch.

    Step 2: Heating the Watch

    Prepare an iOpener (or use a hairdryer or heat gun) and heat the front of the watch until it is barely touchable. Leave the iOpener on the watch for at least one minute to ensure that the display is fully heated and the adhesive that attaches the display to the case becomes soft.

    Step 3: Separating the Display and Case

    Since the gap between the display and case is very narrow, you will need a sharp blade to separate them. Protect your fingers and never touch the blade with your fingers. If in doubt, use a heavy-duty work glove or leather gardening glove.

    Step 4: Removing the Display

    Once the gap is large enough, insert a plastic pick into the gap beneath the screen. Slide the pick along the bottom edge to release the remaining adhesive between the case and the screen. Be careful not to insert the pick too far – 3mm is enough, otherwise you may damage cables.

    Step 5: Removing the Battery

    After the display has been removed, you can now remove the battery. Be careful and ensure that you do not damage any cables or other components.


    Replacing the battery of your Apple Watch can be challenging, but with patience and care, you can accomplish this task. Remember to always work safely and follow the instructions carefully.