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    Artikel: The sixth beta of the Apple Studio Display 17 firmware update is here

    The sixth beta of the Apple Studio Display 17 firmware update is here-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

    The sixth beta of the Apple Studio Display 17 firmware update is here


    • Today, Apple has released the sixth beta of its Studio Display 17 firmware update, just a few weeks after the fifth beta.
    • This firmware update is available for all Studio Display models, currently only for Macs using the new macOS Sonoma operating system.
    • Apple hasn't given any details about what's included in the firmware update, and the beta testers haven't discovered any new features either.

    The Latest Beta is Out: Apple Studio Display 17 Firmware

    Hot news from the house of Apple: the sixth beta of the Studio Display 17 firmware update has been released today. It feels like only yesterday when we had the fifth beta and voila- here’s the sixth!

    Firmware Updates Here, There, and Everywhere

    The good news is that all Studio Display models can receive firmware updates over the air. But take note: This firmware update is currently only available on Macs running the new macOS Sonoma operating system, which is also currently under beta-testing.

    Studio Display owners who use macOS Sonoma can install the firmware update via System Preferences > Software Update. Easy, convenient, Apple!

    What's in the Beta?

    Well, that remains a bit of a mystery. Apple hasn't released any details about what's in the firmware update. And diligent beta testers haven't been able to find any new features either. It seems we'll have to hold our horses until fall when the new Studio Display update rolls out along with macOS Sonoma. Exciting times indeed!

    In a Nutshell

    We hope that Apple gives us a sneak peek into what the firmware update for the Studio Display 17 holds. Until then, all we can do is wait patiently. And who knows, maybe Apple will surprise us with a seventh beta! Either way, we're on it and will keep you posted.

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