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    Artikel: The latest version of Shazam: Widgets on the lock screen

    The latest version of Shazam: Widgets on the lock screen-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

    The latest version of Shazam: Widgets on the lock screen

    The latest version of Shazam breezes in: Widgets on the lock screen

    • The latest release 15.38 of Shazam delights users with new dynamics on the lock screen by introducing two widgets.
    • Among the new widgets is the smaller one, which enables the user to open Shazam and identify songs directly from the lock screen.
    • The broader widget displays the last identified song.

    The music recognition tool Shazam is stepping up its game! In the latest edition, version 15.38, released today, the app, sheltered under Apple's wing since 2018, introduces two essential lock screen widgets for iPhone and iPad. A pinch more spice on the lock screen? Why the heck not!

    The smaller of the two new widgets allows users to launch Shazam directly from the lock screen and identify songs. An excellent perk for our music detectives: simply press the home button, unleash Shazam, and the search is underway!

    The wider widget, however, brings the icing on the cake: it displays the last identified song. Forgot the song title? No problem anymore, thanks to Shazam!

    Shazam, which now boasts more than 200 million active users per month and over a billion shazams per month, is becoming increasingly integrated into the Apple Music world following its acquisition by Apple - including the ability to sync Shazams directly with Apple Music.

    In a nutshell

    Even as we've had to adjust to new functions and upgrades, the latest version of Shazam unequivocally adds a breath of fresh air to our lock screens. With the addition of the two new widgets, shazaming songs is quicker and easier, a real boon for music lovers and audiophiles. So, let's guess the tune currently playing in your head!

    For more info

    You can read the original article "Shazam Update Adds Two New Lock Screen Widgets" on MacRumors.com.


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