The iPhone 4: Devastating Judgment from Consumer Reports Due to Reception Issues

The iPhone 4 Receives Devastating Verdict from "Consumer Reports"

The Facts

  • "Consumer Reports" gives a negative rating to the iPhone 4
  • The verdict is based on the "Antennagate" - the issue with reception quality
  • Other problems such as the "Death Grip" are also mentioned

The iPhone 4 has taken a major blow. "Consumer Reports" has made it clear in a new review that they cannot recommend the new smartphone. The reason for this negative rating lies in the infamous "Antennagate", the issue with the iPhone's reception quality. This confirms the concerns that many users had. Other problems such as the "Death Grip", where the signal weakens when the device is held in a certain way, are mentioned in the review as well.

In Short

The iPhone 4 receives a devastating verdict from "Consumer Reports" due to the "Antennagate" and other problems like the "Death Grip". This criticism confirms the users' worries and casts a shadow on the image of Apple and its popular smartphone.

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