The Inspiring Journey of Trip: A Dog with Prosthetics in a New "Shot on iPhone" Film


  • The latest "Shot on iPhone" film tells the heartwarming tale of Trip, a dog who gets a prosthetic leg.
  • This film emphasizes the capabilities of the iPhone camera while simultaneously highlighting the remarkable abilities of dogs with prosthetics.

The Inspiring Journey of Trip

It's not always easy to capture the subtleties of emotions and intimacy in films, but the latest narrative shot with an iPhone delves into the life of an endearing four-legged protagonist. Center-stage is Trip, a brave dog who gets a prosthetic and finds newfound zest for life.

"Shot on iPhone" Celebrates Animal Heros

What's remarkable about the "Shot on iPhone" series is not just the incredible artistic talent it brings forth, but also the diversity of stories it tells. Whether it's about portraits of people, places, or, in this case, dogs, these stories are often moving and inspiring. That's also the reason they're so popular.

In Brief

This film exemplifies how technology can be used to share and tell inspiring stories. Simultaneously, it shines a light on the extraordinary abilities and the amazing courage of dogs like Trip. Our four-legged hero shows us that disabilities don't have to be a obstacle to a happy, fulfilling life.

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