The AI-powered iPhone camera app Spectre is now available for free - Easy capture of long exposures without a tripod

The developers of the popular Halide photo app have made their AI-powered iPhone camera app Spectre available for free. Spectre allows users to take long exposure shots by capturing hundreds of photos in a matter of seconds. The update to the free version also includes a paid pro version with additional features. The developers of the beloved photo app Halide have decided to give their AI-powered camera app Spectre away for free. With Spectre, users can take long exposure shots by swiftly capturing hundreds of photos. This nifty method eliminates the need for a tripod, as users can simply hold their phone in their hand. The previously paid app is now available for free, with an additional paid pro version offering extended features like 15-second and 30-second exposure modes. Existing users can upgrade to the pro version for free, while new users can unlock it for a one-time purchase of $4.99. The app is compatible with iPhone 6S and newer models, requiring iOS 15 or later. For more information, check out the following link: [Link]( In a nutshell: The AI-powered Spectre camera app for iPhone is now available for free, with the introduction of a paid pro version offering additional features. Users can easily capture breathtaking long exposure shots without the need for a tripod.