Tesla App Update: Official Support for Apple Shortcuts Enables Even More Features for Your Vehicle


  • The Tesla app for iOS now officially supports Apple Shortcuts with its latest update, version 4.24.
  • With this update, over 20 shortcut actions are introduced, offering users swift access to many functions of their vehicle.
  • The new feature allows users to execute commands with Siri, create automations, and combine actions into complex workflows.

Tesla App Update with Apple Shortcuts

There is exciting news for all Tesla and Apple aficionados: the Tesla app for iOS, in its latest update, version 4.24, now officially supports Apple Shortcuts. This update introduces over 20 shortcut actions, enabling users to swiftly access a bevy of features on their vehicle, from the Bioweapon Defense Mode to Dog Mode, and much more.

Working with Siri and Automations

With the support for Apple Shortcuts, Tesla users can now simply command Siri to lock their vehicle or create an automation to, for example, turn on climate control at a specific time each day. The full list of shortcuts now supported by the Tesla app is impressive and varied, including actions such as controlling seat heating and media volume, opening and closing of charging stations and doors, and many more.

In a nutshell

This update promises a more straightforward and efficient use of Teslas and better integration into the Apple ecosystem. The variety of supported actions provides countless possibilities for personalized and automated commands, making vehicle control even more convenient and intuitive.

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