Spigen's New Acquisition: The ArcField Wireless Charger - The 15W MagSafe Device for Fast Charging iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro | Cult of Mac


  • Spigen releases its first 15W MagSafe device, the ArcField Wireless Charger.
  • This charger swiftly powers up iPhone 12 and newer models and is also compatible with AirPods Pro.

Spigen’s Latest Innovation: The ArcField Wireless Charger

Spigen, the well-known accessory company, is venturing into the realm of 15-watt MagSafe chargers with its latest gadget. The ArcField Wireless Charger elevates wireless charging to a new level. According to the company, the charger allows fast charging of the iPhone 12 and newer models.

What's intriguing about this device is not only its ability to promptly charge your iPhone, but it also exhibits its versatility by handling AirPods Pro just the same. So all your devices will be charged up and ready when you need them.

Yet, what's even more striking is the unique and modern aesthetic of the ArcField Wireless Charger. It’s sleek, contemporary and will undoubtedly add a dash of elegance to your desk. With its strong performance and appealing design, the Spigen charger fits perfectly within any modern tech landscape.

In Short

Spigen’s very first 15W MagSafe device, the ArcField Wireless Charger, is a monumental leap in the world of wireless chargers. Its ability to rapidly charge both iPhone 12 and newer models as well as the AirPods Pro makes a giant splash in the tech scene. Its captivating design and robust performance make it an indispensable accessory for every tech enthusiast.

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