Samsung ViewFinity S9 Display: Competition for Apple's Studio Display with Innovative Features

Summary of Key Points:

  • Samsung's ViewFinity S9 Display, a close competitor to Apple's Studio Display, is on the brink of its US release
  • The ViewFinity S9 offers similar features to the Apple Studio Display, but with some bonus additions
  • The display is now available for pre-order on Amazon and is expected to start delivering from August 28th.

It's official: Samsung's forthcoming ViewFinity S9 Display, first introduced at CES in January, is scheduled to hit the US market by the end of August. Interested customers can pre-order the device on Amazon already. But what's in store for us with this new slice of technology?

The Nitty Gritty

The ViewFinity S9 will be among the few 27-inch 5K displays on the market and offers an ideal pixel density for a 2560 x 1440 desktop in full Retina quality - just like the Apple Studio Display. Pricewise, the ViewFinity S9 swings in the same ballpark as Apple's respective model. Costing $1,599.99, it's somewhat more affordable as Samsung includes a tilting and height-adjustable stand, whereas Apple charges an additional $400 for the same.

But, those aren't the only perks Samsung has to offer. The display features a Thunderbolt 4 port, three USB-C ports, a Mini DisplayPort, and a DC 20V port for the power supply. With a 4K SlimFit camera and integrated speakers, the ViewFinity S9 promises an inclusive user experience, whether for work or leisure. What's more, the display houses some Smart TV apps and a remote control, thus it can also function as a stand-alone television.

The Skinny

With its new ViewFinity S9 Display, Samsung seems to have created a legitimate contender for the Apple Studio Display. Boasting a variety of features and an affordable price, this display should surely entice quite a few tech enthusiasts. As of now, you can pre-order the device on Amazon and it's expected to begin shipping from August 28th.

For More Information

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