Safari Technology Preview: New features, bug fixes, and improved privacy


  • Apple introduces a new update for the Safari Technology Preview with enhanced features and bug fixes that could be introduced in future releases of Safari.
  • This Preview version 177 provides content introduced in Safari 17 alongside macOS Sonoma, including profiles for separating browser data, web apps, and an improved private browsing mode.
  • The update is compatible with machines running macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma, the currently latest version of macOS and can be downloaded by anyone who has downloaded the browser via the software update mechanism in the system settings.

Safari Technology Preview Fresh Off The Boat

The experimental version of Apple's Safari browser gets a new update. The Safari Technology Preview gives a glimpse into the future, testing features that might potentially find their way into the coming versions of Safari. Version 177 includes bug fixes and updates in various areas from Web Inspector, CSS, rendering to popover, media, JavaScript, Web API, accessibility, and Apple Pay.

A special delight of this latest update, however, lies on the content side. In reference to Safari 17, these are now also available in macOS Sonoma. These include profiles for segregating browser data like history and favorites, web apps, and an improved private browsing mode. Moreover, the Safari Technology Preview features so-called feature flags and a newly designed developer menu. The additions to image compression are also exciting: it now supports HEIC and JPEG XL, a new image format with an improved compression algorithm for better image quality with smaller file sizes than JPEG.

The current Safari Technology Preview is compatible with systems running macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma, the latest version of macOS, which Apple is currently testing.

In a nutshell

The Safari Technology Preview provides a glimpse of where Safari could be heading. With numerous improvements and new features, it's more than just a peek into the future. Of particular note are the enhanced privacy while surfing, the innovative image compression, and general performance improvements. Thus, it is exciting for developers and tech enthusiasts, offering a first look at the potential evolution of the Safari browser.

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