Rumors about the iPhone 15 and criticism of the iOS 17 beta update - News from the world of Apple devices (Source:

In Short: - Rumors about the iPhone 15 are being discussed. - Problems with the iOS 17 Beta update are being criticized. - Link to source: Click here for more information. The latest rumor in the world of iPhones revolves around the upcoming iPhone 15. In the latest episode of the Cult of Mac podcast, the hosts speculate about possible features and design changes. From improved cameras to a new processor - the rumor mill is buzzing and excitement for the next iPhone is growing. But not everything is rosy in the world of Apple devices. The podcast hosts are frustrated with the problems the updated iOS 17 Beta has caused on their iPhones. From crashes to faulty functions - the beta version of the operating system has left some users feeling annoyed. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved in time for the final version, so that everyone can make the most of their iPhones. For more information, read the article here.