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    Artikel: New Version of Flighty 3.0: Easily Share Flight Monitoring

    New Version of Flighty 3.0: Easily Share Flight Monitoring

    New Version of Flighty 3.0: Easily Share Flight Monitoring

    New Version of Flighty 3.0 Introduces New Features for Flight Monitoring

    Flighty, the popular flight tracking app, was updated today to version 3.0. The developers have introduced a new useful sharing feature, which can be used for free.

    With Flighty Friends, Flighty users can easily send their flight information to family and friends in an easy-to-understand format. The flight details are easily traceable, allowing family members to monitor a flight to see any delays and know when it will land.

    To use Flighty Friends, you simply connect with a person and then you can automatically see each other's travels without having to share flight data such as airline, flight number, and arrival times. The app sends regular notifications for events such as delays, departures, and landings, and there are customizable notifications so that each user can decide how much information they want to see.

    A live flight map shows the flight locations of each person you are connected with, allowing you to track the flight's progress in real-time. Flight sharing is a free feature of the Flighty app for all users, and the flight sharing can be turned on or off as needed.

    Flighty is free to download and use, but there is a "Pro" upgrade that adds features such as instant push notifications, FAA delay alerts, lock-screen widgets, live inbound flight tracking, delay predictions, an arrival forecast, and more. Flighty works on Mac, iPhone, and iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store.

    In Short:

    With the new version 3.0 of Flighty, users can quickly and easily share their flight information with family and friends. The app offers a user-friendly interface, real-time flight tracking, and customizable notifications. Flighty is free, but there is also a Pro version with additional features.

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