New analysis functions: Apple Podcasts offers dashboard function and marketing toolkit


  • Starting today, Apple offers a new dashboard feature for podcast subscriptions.
  • Podcast creators can now track crucial data on their podcast subscriptions using a free tool.
  • Further advancements include support for the delegated delivery service from Podbean and a new marketing and analytic toolkit named Linkfire for Podcasts.

New Analysis Features for Apple Podcasts

For the very first time, Apple Podcasts creators have access to a redesigned dashboard for the analysis of their podcast subscriptions. This free tool is accessible on the Apple Podcasts Connect website and provides a performance summary of their podcast subscriptions.

On the overview page, creators can see how many listeners have started a free trial, how many have completed a paid subscription, the percentage of listeners who switch from a free trial to a paid subscription, and an estimated value for the revenues generated by subscriptions. Surprisingly, a world map even provides a breakdown of subscribers by country or region.

Additional Data and Filters

And that's not all! Additional data and filters are available on the Trends tab, helping creators keep an eye on activations, cancellations, renewals, and more. Simultaneously, Podbean's support for the delegated delivery service enables hassle-free management of subscription episodes by participating third-party hosting providers like Audiomeans, Captivate, Podspace, and Transistor.

Exclusive Benefits

Special benefits offered to Apple Podcast subscribers include ad-free listening, early access to episodes, bonus episodes, and other exclusive advantages. Podcasts can offer subscriptions on a monthly and annual basis.

Last but not least, Apple has also announced a new marketing and analysis toolkit named Linkfire for Podcasts. The beta version is available as of today and will later in the year be provided free of charge to all creators worldwide.

In Short

Apple continues its commitment to revolutionize the podcast landscape with these innovations, granting content creators more possibilities and flexibility. These new features, spanning from more comprehensive analyses and user-friendly marketing tools to more extensive monetization options, will likely further enhance the appeal of Apple Podcasts.

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