Mac mini y modelos MacBook Pro de alta gama con chip M3 llegarán en 2024

- The Mac mini and high-end MacBook Pro models will not be among the first Macs to feature the M3 chip. - According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Mac mini will not come with the M3 chip until next year. - The new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models will also not be among the first M3 Macs and are expected to be released in mid-2024. In his latest newsletter "Power On," Gurman stated that he believes a M3 Mac mini will definitely come, but not in the near future. He expects the machine to be released late next year. The same goes for the new MacBook Pro models, which are expected to hit the market in mid-2024 with M3 Pro and M3 Max chips. Gurman pointed out that the M2 Mac mini was released more than two years after the introduction of the M1 version, indicating that Apple does not view the Mac mini as a device that requires annual updates. In contrast, the more popular MacBook Pro, with an update cycle of about four to five quarters, has received more frequent updates. In summary, the Mac mini and high-end MacBook Pro models will come with the M3 chip next year. Apple clearly does not have a rushed schedule for updating the Mac mini, while the MacBook Pro is more frequently supplied with new models. For more information, visit: [Link](