Google introduces generative AI features for improved search functionality

- Google has announced today that it is adding updated generative AI capabilities to its search functionality to help users "learn and understand information better" on the internet. With the Google Search app for Chrome, there is now a beta option to summarize a long article. Chrome can provide "key points" from a web page, along with an "Explore on page" section with questions and answers from the content. Google says that the new "SGE while browsing" feature is intended to help people engage more deeply with content from creators. It shows key points in freely accessible articles on the web and does not summarize articles that are behind a paywall. The new AI functionality is currently available on Chrome on iOS and Android devices, and Google plans to extend it to desktop in the coming days. In the future, Google also plans to add improvements to AI-generated responses, allowing users to hover over words to see definitions in advance and view related charts or images on the topic. For more information: [Original Article]( *In a nutshell:* Google has introduced a new AI feature in Chrome that allows users to summarize long articles. The feature is currently available on mobile devices and will be available on desktop in the future.