First Third-Party App for the iPhone: A Short but Meaningful Story

First third-party app for iPhone released

Grab your iPhone and travel back to 2007

On July 20, 2007, just one month after the first iPhone went on sale, the Hello World app was released, giving a glimpse into the potential of the platform.

A brief but significant history

The Hello World app might seem simple, but it was the very first app developed by a third-party for the iPhone. With this app, which simply displayed "Hello World" on the screen, developer and journalist David Barnard was able to run a code that foreshadowed Echofon, a popular Twitter app.

The birth of the App Store

The release of the Hello World app marked the beginning of a new era for the iPhone and laid the foundation for the success of the App Store, which was introduced a year later. With the App Store, developers could create and sell their own apps, leading to an explosion in app development and a huge selection of applications for users.

In short

The Hello World app was the precursor to the third-party app ecosystem on the iPhone. It paved the way for the diversity and success that we can see in the App Store today.

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