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    Artikel: Apple Watch Ultra - Long-term Experience and Review 2023 | MacRumors

    Apple Watch Ultra - Long-term Experience and Review 2023 | MacRumors-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

    Apple Watch Ultra - Long-term Experience and Review 2023 | MacRumors

    Long-term Experience with the Apple Watch Ultra

    • The Apple Watch Ultra scores with a size of 49mm and is particularly suitable for intensive activities like diving and hiking.
    • The battery life is touted as a sales argument - it lasts effortlessly for two to three days.
    • A special function of the watch is the action button, which, however, has limited functionality.

    Almost a year ago, Apple released their larger, pricier Apple Watch Ultra. With the second generation looming on the horizon, MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera has decided to do a long-term review and reflect on his experiences with the current model since last September.

    At 49 mm, the Apple Watch Ultra is the largest Apple Watch so far. Apple has aimed it at people who need a watch that withstands more extreme activities than the standard Apple Watch. It's more durable and boasts better features for specific activities like diving and hiking.

    The titanium material has held up well, even though it does show a few minor scratches and scuffs. The display has remained scratch-free and in Dan's case, has proven to be more resistant to scratches than the standard Apple Watch models.

    A major selling point is the battery performance of the Apple Watch Ultra. It lasts effortlessly for two to three days. On an average day, Dan sees 70 or 80 percent battery remaining at the end of the day. The long battery life is worth the extra weight and size of the Ultra for those who value battery performance.

    The action button is another exclusive feature of the Apple Watch Ultra, but it has limited functionality. It can start a dive or a workout or compass functions like setting a waypoint, but beyond that, there aren't many options for those who don't use the Apple Watch Ultra for these activities. However, it can activate any shortcut, which is the most useful way to get more out of him.

    If you're thinking about picking up an Apple Watch Ultra when you upgrade this year, it's worth it because of the larger display and battery life, as long as you don't mind the size and weight of the larger case.

    Check out Dan's complete video to get his full overview and let us know how the Apple Watch Ultra has worked for you if you already own one.

    In a nutshell

    While the Apple Watch Ultra may be bigger and pricier than its standard counterparts, it delivers impressive battery performance and is particularly suitable for extreme activities due to its robustness. However, there is room for improvement in the functionality of the action button. In summary, the Apple Watch Ultra is a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate a sturdy device with long battery life and don't find the additional space and weight disturbing.

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