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    Artikel: Apple Music in iOS 17: New features and updates overview

    Apple Music in iOS 17: New features and updates overview-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

    Apple Music in iOS 17: New features and updates overview

    Summary of The Article

    • Apple Music in iOS 17 introduces a few long-awaited features like collaborative playlists and the ability to enable crossfade for an unbroken music experience.
    • The new additions include crossfade, collaborative playlists, Apple Music SharePlay for CarPlay, interface changes, unsynchronized lyrics, song credits, and Apple Music Sing on Apple TV.
    • Collaborative playlists are yet to be implemented and will launch later this year in an iOS 17 update.

    Crossfade Feature

    The crossfade function allows songs to seamlessly blend into one another, thereby eliminating the silent pause between them. A true godsend against annoying interruptions!

    Collaborative Playlists

    Collaborative playlists let friends and family members add, rearrange, and remove songs from a single Apple Music playlist. Everyone can contribute their favorite tunes and react to songs on the playlist with emojis. Say goodbye to isolation – say hello to shared music enthusiasm!

    Apple Music SharePlay for CarPlay

    iOS 17 brings an Apple Music SharePlay experience to CarPlay. This lets everyone in the car play their favorite tracks and add music. The car's owner, whose iPhone is connected to the car, must have an Apple Music subscription, but passengers do not. The Apple Music interface provides a QR code that anyone can scan to get a playlist. Even the most reserved passenger sings along!

    Interface Updates

    Full-screen animated artworks are available for albums supporting this feature, with album covers now designed to blend seamlessly into the music player. When the music player is minimized, there's now a floating effect adding depth. The design gets slicker with every update.

    Non-Synchronized Lyrics

    Lyrics that aren't synchronized with the currently playing music will be displayed in larger, easier-to-read font. Now, we can sing along to the lyrics without perfect timing at last.

    Song Credits

    Clicking on the three-dot symbol next to a playing song or in a playlist brings up the song credits. These highlight and honor the performing artists, composers, and producers.

    Apple Music Sing on Apple TV

    An iPhone with iOS 17 and an Apple TV 4K with tvOS 17 can use the iPhone as a camera for Apple TV, capturing you while you sing on the screen. With Apple Music Sing, everyone can sing their favorite tracks in karaoke mode.

    In Short

    In summary, iOS 17 brings a number of exciting changes for Apple Music. From seamless transitions with crossfade to collaborative playlist creations to karaoke sessions with Apple Music Sing - music lovers can look forward to a lot of great features. And while collaborative playlists are still in the starting blocks, the update to iOS 17 will without a doubt elevate our music enjoyment to a new level. Potentially, this update represents another significant step in Apple's vision for the future of music.

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