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    Artikel: An Exciting Beta Phase Begins: watchOS 10 Public Beta Now Available

    An Exciting Beta Phase Begins: watchOS 10 Public Beta Now Available-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

    An Exciting Beta Phase Begins: watchOS 10 Public Beta Now Available


    • Today, Apple is introducing a new public beta for the upcoming watchOS 10 update, allowing the public to test the Apple Watch software before its launch.
    • With watchOS 10, Apple is updating the user interface of the Apple Watch with a focus on widgets, and unveiling two new watch faces.
    • The Maps app now offers a topographic view, the Mindfulness app adds a new feature for logging moods and feelings, and there's support for group FaceTime audio calls.

    An Exciting Beta Phase Begins

    The anticipation for the new watchOS 10 is ramping up as Apple has released a public beta version of the upcoming software update today. The latest beta aligns with the seventh developer beta that was released yesterday. But beware, dear Apple enthusiasts, before downloading, you need to update your iPhone to the public beta version of iOS 17 and sign up on Apple's Beta Software website.

    Focus on Widgets, New Watch Faces, and More

    So what can you expect? With watchOS 10, Apple is executing a significant update to the Apple Watch user interface, with a particular emphasis on widgets. With the new "Smart Stack", accessible by rotating the Digital Crown, it displays the most often needed information, changing throughout the day and based on usage habits.

    But that's not all. Nearly all built-in apps have been updated with an information-focused design that enables quicker interactions. Weather, Maps, Home, News, Activity, Heart Rate, Stocks and much more have been redesigned.

    And let's not kid ourselves: Every Apple Watch needs the right watch face. Hence, I'm particularly excited about two new options, namely "Palette" and "Snoopy". The latter features characters from the beloved Peanuts cartoons, changing animations throughout the day. "Palette", on the other hand, displays the time in a variety of overlapping colors.

    From Within the Watch

    In addition, the Maps app now has a topographic view, displaying elevation information, contour lines, hill shading, and landmarks - perfect for all kinds of hikes and excursions. Cyclists can look forward to new, advanced metrics, views and experiences which operate via a Bluetooth-enabled biking accessory connection.

    The Mindfulness app also received a nifty update. A new feature allows logging of moods and feelings. Group FaceTime audio calls are now also supported, and with "NameDrop" you can share contact information with someone in a flash by holding your Apple Watch close to another's iPhone.

    In Short

    The watchOS 10 Beta reflects Apple's ongoing commitment to enhance its smartwatch and implement new, practical features. Whether widgets, new watch faces, or a convenient Maps app - users will rejoice in Apple's commitment to providing an unparalleled user experience. Stay tuned to see what the final version of watchOS 10 has in store.

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