Amazon Prime Day 2023: Discounts on Apple products including AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook Pro [MacRumors]

Amazon Prime Day is back and this time it's two days long. That's right, it's like a mini-Black Friday but exclusive to Amazon Prime members. And let me tell you, the deals are hot, especially if you're in the market for Apple products. You can snag yourself some sweet discounts on AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, and even the coveted MacBook Pro. Whether you're upgrading your current Apple gear or gifting someone (or yourself) a brand new toy, Prime Day is the time to do it. But hold on, there's a catch. These Prime Day deals are time-sensitive, so you gotta be quick like a cheetah on a discount hunt. And, of course, you'll need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of these exclusive offers. So, if you're an Apple fanatic or just someone who loves a good deal, make sure to check out the full article on MacRumors for more details. Happy shopping!